ISSF Article Review 71 on “Soft Balancing in the Americas: Latin American Opposition to U.S. Intervention, 1898-1936.”

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REV: Conference summary: “Destruction and conservation in debate: Brazil’s environmental history in a global perspective” by Nathalia Capellini

“Destruction and conservation in debate: Brazil’s environmental history in a global perspective," a conference summary by Nathalia Capellini

TOC:Hispanic American Historical Review 97:1 (February 2017)

Published in cooperation with the Conference on Latin American History of the American Historical Association


“The Zambos and the Transformation of the Miskitu Kingdom, 1636–1740.” John K. Thornton, p1

“Castas, Creoles, and the Rise of a Maya Lingua Franca in Eighteenth-Century Yucatan.” Mark Lentz, p29

CFP: Knowledge in Displacement: Emigration and Exile in the History of Mid-Twentieth Century Science @ ICHST in Rio de Janeiro 23-29 July 2017

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Call for Papers
November 28, 2016

TOC: Hispanic American Historical Review 96:4 (November 2016)

Published in cooperation with the Conference on Latin American History of the American Historical Association


"News from Around the World: The Newspapers of Buenos Aires in the Age of the Submarine Cable, 1866–1900." Lila Caimari, p607.

"Indigenous Citizenship between Borderlands and Enclaves: Elections in Talamanca, Costa Rica, 1880–1913." Alejandra Boza Villarreal. p641.

"El Negro Raúl: Lives and Afterlives of an Afro-Argentine Celebrity, 1886 to the Present." Paulina L. Alberto, p669.


Life Tables 1900-1950

Dear colleagues,

I am working on a project concerning reconstruction of educational attainment of populations in the 20th century. One input data set are life tables and I ran into troubles to find data for the 1900-1950 period. I have already looked through databases like Human Mortality Database, Human Life Table Database and through old censuses as well as demographic yearbooks.


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