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We are writing to encourage you to submit a book review for the Journal of Haitian Studies! As the leading journal on the interdisciplinary study of Haiti, The Journal of Haitian Studies takes seriously its role in reviewing the most recent, rigorous and compelling scholarship and creative works on the country. To this end, the book review editors (Régine Jean-Charles and Nadève Ménard) are looking for potential reviewers who will read carefully, critique thoughtfully, and consider the relevance of the text in the larger context of Haitian Studies and the applicable sub-fields.

Re: X-Post: MiWSR: Germani on Broers, "The Napoleonic Mediterranean: Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire"

Interesting Review. Wonder how detailed its research might have been. My ancestors lived thru the Napoleonic era of 19th Century before the more immediate members came to the US in the waves of Italian immigration.


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