X-Post: MiWSR: Mulvey on Delaney and Gardner, eds., "Turning Point 1917: The British Empire at War"

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A review of Douglas E. Delaney and Nikolas Gardner, eds., Turning Point 1917: The British Empire at War, by Paul Mulvey, London School of Economics.

James P. Holoka, editor


The Art of the Review - Episode 7 The Living Review


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This episode, which we are calling The Living Review, takes as its point of departure the idea of looking back to a review after some years or decades. Robert and Yelena discuss an interview Robert did with James Struthers, professor of Canadian Studies at Trent University in Ontario. Prof. Struthers looks back at a review he wrote in 1994 for the now defunct H-State list.

The Art of the Review - Episode 15 Citations


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This episode is one of an occasional series where Yelena and Robert speak with H-Net's copyeditors Charlotte Weber and Basia Nowak about the nuts and bolts of reviewing at H-Net. In this installment, we discuss the use of citations in scholarly book reviews, which Charlotte and Basia explain are usually kept to a minimum.

The Art of the Review - Episode 22 The Voice of the Reviewer


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In this episode, Robert speaks with Michael Munnik, Lecturer in Social Science Theories and Methods at Cardiff University and review editor for H-SAE, the H-Net network associated with the Society for the Anthropology of Europe, a section of the American Anthropological Association focusing on European communities and contexts.

The Art of the Review - Episode 19 Reviewing Culture


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This episode was inspired by a previous episode of The Art of the Review, in which we discussed Professionalism in Tone with Vladimir Solonari and H-Net copyeditors Charlotte Weber and Basia Nowak.


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