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A Middle Class Farming Family Negotiates “the Rural School Problem” in Interwar Australia | Kay Whitehead

Bringing Education to the Wilderness: Teachers and Schools in the Rural Communities of British Columbia, 1936–45 | Helen Raptis

Re: CERCLES Book Reviews (May 2019)

Here will be found another example of the question of argument as history, whether it be accurate or inaccurate, as attempted to explain in reply to Ralph's observations on Vietnam and its outcome. Hardly a source to be challenged, the former acting director of Naval History, nonetheless, despite Mr. Merolda's presentation in this volume reviewed by Cercles publication, the passage concerned with critics of Pres. Johnson's so called micromanaging of the air war, submit here, misses entirely the point of history about those events.

TOC: Urban History Review / Revue d'histoire urbaine Vol. 46, No. 1

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Number of articles: 10
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X-Post: MiWSR: Malmquist on Gaehtgens, "Reims on Fire: War and Reconciliation between France and Germany"

New in MiWSR

A review of Thomas W. Gaehtgens, Reims on Fire: War and Reconciliation between France and Germany, by Kevin S. Malmquist, Florida State University.

James P. Holoka, editor



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