KONF: Traveling Bodies / Reisende Körper, Koblenz (05.-06.07.2018)

Interdisciplinary and international Conference

Traveling Bodies / Reisende Körper

5.-6. Juli 2018, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Campus Koblenz

Organisatorinnen/ Organizers: Prof. Dr. Nicole Maruo-Schröder, Prof. Dr. Uta Schaffers, Dr. Sarah Schäfer-Althaus (Universität Koblenz-Landau)

Call for PhD funding applications, ERC The Healthy Self as Body Capital (BodyCapital), Université de Strasbourg

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The ERC Advanced Grant programme “The healthy self as body capital: individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe (BodyCapital)” led by Christian Bonah (Université de Strasbourg) and Anja Laukötter (MPIHD, Berlin) on the understanding of body capital and its history, through the twentieth century history of visual mass media (film, TV, Internet) and inédits (amateur, family and private


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