About the Clio app (comment)


Below, courtesy of H-Histbibl is a link to an article about the Clio app that was posted by the American Council of Learned Socieites (ACLS) E-Book blog.  It consists of an interview with David Trowbridge, who developed the popular "Clio" app for learning more about the history of a given site.

If anyone uses this app and has learned something unexpected, I would appreciate a comment!


Accessible scholarship (comment)


If you have ever tried and failed to obtain a legal copy of a scholarly publication, you know how frustrating it can be. It is more than twice as frustrating to obtain a copy and then discover that you cannot read it because of its format.  If you have normal eyesight but have struggled to read a microscopic and unenlargeable book or .pdf on your phone, you can understand how annoying it is to confront this problem every day.

Re: Increasing diversity in scholarly communications? (comment)

I'm not sure I can agree with your anthropomorphic statement that academia "is not intellectually honest enough to admit" it is too political to allow diversity of voices (and I have no interest in debating that point further) but your other points are well placed. Perhaps the first step is re-acquainting ourselves with the art of argument. As historians we know our understanding of the past is based on the interpretations of the available sources. Adding more voices to the conversation certainly expands the pool of sources.
Thanks for the post.
Linda Shay


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