BLOG: Unlocking the Nonhuman Animals in the Archivo de Bogotá by Javier González Cortés

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Are you enjoying Research Corner? Well, my pile of drafts is diminishing. I would love to have some more contributions lined up to edit for publication in the summer or fall. I’m seeking discussions of archives, libraries, or digital repositories, or musings about how to do research in general. (Past discussions have included how to write a second book and how to do transnational research.

Blog on Ukraine's mass mobilisation and the country's relationship with the EU

Dear colleagues,

You might be interested in this analysis of how three recent waves of mass mobilisation in Ukraine shaped the country’s relationship with the EU, by University of Agder political scientist Maryna Rabinovych, published in the blog Democracy in Action:

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BLOG: Unlocking dLOC: A Guide to the Digital Library of the Caribbean: Part One by Kiran Baldeo

Research Corner

I am pleased to continue the “Teaching with H-Latam’s Research Corner Blog” series. If you have used archival materials in the recent past, whether in person or online, or if you work in a research repository that we have not covered yet, I would love to hear from you. I’m currently looking for posts that I can edit over the summer and publish in the fall.

Re: Blog - The ANC & SACP have forgotten the right of nations to self-determination

Good points. Of course, South Africa is not alone among African nations in its stance on the most recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. I wonder what sort of dialogue may unfold among South Africa and the others as the war drags on? Some, such as Nigeria, have condemned reports of racist acts against Africans fleeing the country, but have remained silent on the question of sovereignty and self-determination in Ukraine as Russia and China seek allies across the African continent.

BLOG: Pandemic Realities: In-Person Research at the Archivo General de Puerto Rico under COVID. Phase 2: Entering the Archive by Rosa Cordero

Research Corner

I am pleased to continue the “Teaching with H-Latam’s Research Corner Blog” series with Part II of the posts on the Archivo General de Puerto Rico.

BLOG: The Archivo Histórico del Atlántico in Barranquilla, Colombia and Its Notarial Records, Part II: Using Notarial Records by Laura Carolina De Moya-Guerra

Research Corner

I am pleased to continue the “Teaching with H-Latam’s Research Corner Blog” series. In the first post, Tatiana Seijas and Gretchen Pierce described how they created an assignment using the blog to introduce graduate students at Rutgers to the process of archival research. Today’s post is the second of around twelve entries written by Seijas’s students.

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