BLOG: Research in the Archives of Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia: Part I, State Archaeology in the Archivo Técnico by Sam Holley-Kline

Research Corner

Today we return to looking at physical research repositories in a single country; in this case, Mexico. If you are also interested in writing a post(s) on the challenges and joys of doing research on Latin America and the Caribbean, please click here.

BLOG: Comparative Research: The Example of Tuberculosis in Philadelphia and Buenos Aires by Vera Blinn Reber

Research Corner

I am happy to continue our series on transnational research. If you are interested in contributing to this blog, click here. Vera Blinn Reber (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison), taught for 38 years at Shippensburg University and is now Professor Emerita. She is author of British Mercantile Houses in Buenos Aires, 1810-1880 (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1979) and over twenty-five articles.

New SHGAPE Blog Post - Dan Gifford on Microhistories

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The editors of the SHGAPE Blog invite you to read our latest post by Dan Gifford, a public historian who has written about the ill-fated whaling ship Progress. His post is also a meditation on microhistory as a genre - we hope you will enjoy it! You can access the post, "Using Microhistory to Tell a Whale of a Tale" here -->

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