CFP: Panel for Berkshire Conf.: Women’s authority or influence, pre-1800

Dr. Jacqueline Holler and I are putting together a panel proposal on women’s influence or authority, pre-1800, for the Berkshire Conference, May 28-31, Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The “Big Berks” is held every three years and is one of the largest conferences on the history of women and gender, with over 300 panels. Although not for another 14 months, the deadline for proposals is fast approaching. Please contact if interested.



Searching for panel participants for 2020 Berks Conference proposal on sex/gender and war

We are looking for an additional panelist as well as a discussant for a proposed Berks panel on sexuality/gender and war.  We have one paper covering race and the 1945 American Warbrides Act, focusing on Aboriginal women in Australia, and one on fatherhood and masculinity in 1990s America in the aftermath of the Cold War.  We invite scholars who can offer different perspectives on this topic over different temporal and geographical space to contact us in the next few days with an abstract  We also invite those interested in acting as a discussant to contact us.  Please respond to Erica (

Call for Participants: Berks 2020 Lightning Round, Gendered Perils and Promises of Privacy in 19th Century America

Seeking one to three additional participants plus a commentator for a lightning round at the Big Berks in summer 2020. We currently have four presenters addressing the uses and abuses of privacy for predominantly white, Eastern women: looking at domestic violence and privacy in one wealthy family; exploring female laudanum habits; one elite woman's struggles with managing a household in her husband's absence; and how New York legislators debated the government's role in the regulation of marriage.

Call for Panelist and Commentator (Berks 2020): State Control of Women’s Reproduction

We are organizing a panel on government control of women’s reproduction, population politics, eugenics, pro-natalism, and motherhood for the 2020 Berkshire Conference on the history of women, gender, and sexuality in Baltimore.


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