Call for Participants: Berks 2020 Lightning Round, Gendered Perils and Promises of Privacy in 19th Century America

Seeking one to three additional participants plus a commentator for a lightning round at the Big Berks in summer 2020. We currently have four presenters addressing the uses and abuses of privacy for predominantly white, Eastern women: looking at domestic violence and privacy in one wealthy family; exploring female laudanum habits; one elite woman's struggles with managing a household in her husband's absence; and how New York legislators debated the government's role in the regulation of marriage.

Berks 2020 -- Seeking Panelists


I am looking to organize a panel that examines the gendered reception of women soldiers, or women's wartime violence more broadly. My paper examines American feminist accounts of the Women's Battalions of Death in Russia in 1917, and explores how they justified and/or denounced women's violence during war time. I also integrate my research about the reception of the Women's Battalion leader, Mariia Bochkareva, and her 1918 trip to the United States. 

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