Franklin Account Book, 1748-1752

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By Joseph M. Adelman


Franklin Account Book, 1748-1752



Over the past ten years, archivists around the United States have been working to digitize materials in their collections to make them more accessible to researchers and the general public. Among the items of greatest interest to the H-Postal History community may be an account book from Benjamin Franklin’s service as the deputy postmaster of Philadelphia in the British imperial postal system. Covering the period from 1748 to 1752, near the end of

Pennsylvania Hospital Historic Collections

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By  Stacey C.  Peeples, Curator - Lead Archivist

The Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s first chartered hospital, was founded by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin, in 1751.  It was the first institution in colonial America organized exclusively for the treatment and care of the sick poor and mentally ill. The Pennsylvania Hospital became a primary force in shaping the attitude of colonial Americans toward persons with emotional and psychological disorders, as well as advancing the practice of clinical medicine through Dr. Bond’s lectures to medical students at the hospital.

The Pennsylvania