Mexica Home excavated in Azcapotzalco

Excavations in Azcapotzalco have discovered a large home dating from the Mexica period. The discioveries include several dwellings, burials, and even a chinampa. It was reported by several sources:

INAH Finds Mexica Symbols on an Ancient Dike

INAH Finds Mexica Symbols on an Ancient Dike in Ecatepec, Mexico

A variety of different news sources are reporting that INAH has found 11 Mexica symbols in a tunnel in Ecatepec, North of Mexico City. Petroglyphs, stucco reliefs, a war shield, a bird of prey were among the symbols found.  A Teocalli symbol dedicated to Tlaloc the rain god was on a central stone.

Texas Mesoamerica Meetings, 2020

The University of Texas has announced the call for papers for the Mesoamerican Meeting (Formerly the Texas Maya meetings).  The meetings will be January 16-18.  The deadline for proposals is November 11.


J. F. Schwaller

Editor, H-Nahuatl

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