Re: Taking Stock of Open Access Book Publishing

In addition to "Feeding the Elephant", the H-Net network "H-Scholar" has covered open access issues from its inception in 1997--long before H-Net moved to its current Drupal platform. Going to H-Scholar and using search terms such as "Open Access", "Scholarly Communication", "SPARC," "Plan S", "Access to Resources" and "Academic Publishing" will retrieve the posts that are archived on the H-Net Commons. I am not sure how one would retrieve earlier posts on this topic--it may require resorting to the Wayback Machine.

Re: Taking Stock of Open Access Book Publishing

Thank you, Catherine, for such a clear untangling of the acronym soup that is OA book publishing. It's an extremely clear presentation. I did want to distinguish a bit between TOME, in which funds move from author parent institutions to university presses (mostly), from Lever Press, in which the members have cofounded their own press so as to have more control over the workings of the system. It's very helpful to have a publishing expert figuring out the convoluted activities and provide the overlay of logic.

#AUPresses21 | Stepping Up to Support Racial Justice Movements

In this series of reports, members of the Elephant editorial collective recap selected panels from the 2021 AUPresses Virtual Annual Meeting held June 7-18, 2021. We welcome further discussion of issues raised by the panelists via the Reply box below each post.

Caitlin Tyler-Richards, Acquisitions Editor, Michigan State University Press

Are My Images Good Enough to Print? Some Tips for Authors

A guest post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

Preparing and submitting illustrations for your book can be a daunting process. What size should the image be? How do you determine the resolution? What file type should you submit? How should the file be labeled?

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