Antebellum Attorney General with foreign entities as clients?

The antebellum Attorney General was allowed to have private clients. Does anyone know of any cases where the AG (in a private capacity) represented (in the Supreme Court or any U.S. court of record) a foreign state, foreign government instrumentality, foreign government agency, foreign government-affiliated entity (including a foreign government-affiliated commercial entity), or a foreign (civilian or military) government official, officer, or employee (on behalf of that foreign government)?

Criminal Case No. 40/61, in the District Court of Jerusalem... The Attorney-General of the Government of Israel v. Adolf, the son of Adolf Karl Eichmann

The following quote is from the book _6,000,000 Accusers: The Opening of the Eichmann Trial_, Edited by Shabtai Rosenne, and published by the Jerusalem Post, 1961, at page 31.


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