DEADLINE MAR. 1: Massachusetts Historical Society Short-Term Fellowships, 2018-2019

Application deadline: March 1, 2018

Massachusetts Historical Society Short-term Fellowships carry a stipend of $2,000 to support four or more weeks of research in the MHS collections sometime between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. More than twenty awards will be made. Short-term fellowships are open to independent scholars, advanced graduate students, and holders of the Ph.D. or the equivalent.

Massachusetts Historical Society Fellowships, 2018-2019

Massachusetts Historical Society Research Fellowships

The Massachusetts Historical Society will offer more than forty research fellowships for the academic year 2018-2019. The first deadline, for MHS-NEH fellowships, is January 15. Start your application and mark your calendar with the deadlines below!

CFP - Nobilities and Social Hierarchies (Fifteenth to nineteenth centuries)

Call for Papers | Special Issue: Nobility and Social Hierarchies, 15th to 19th
History Journal Maracanan, n. 19 (jul. 2018) - University of the State of Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil

What was nobility? Far from being a monolithic status group, recent historiography has
emphasized the many forms nobility could assume in Europe and the New World throughout
history. What social role did aristocrats play? How did this role transform when he crossed the

Winterthur Research Fellowship Program (2018-2019)

Dear Colleagues,

Winterthur invites scholars, graduate students, artists, and craftspeople to apply and submit applications to the 2018-2019 Research Fellowships!

Fellowships include a 4-month postdoctoral fellowship, 1–2 semester dissertation fellowships, and 1–3 month short-term fellowships.

Panelists for SHEAR 2018 - Atlantic World Encounters: Manifestations of Empire

Hello all,

I am interested in assembling a panel for the SHEAR 2018 meeting (July 18-22, Cleveland, Ohio) and am in need of panelists. Tentatively entitled "Atlantic World Encounters: Manifestations of Empire,” papers could address themes including material culture, expansionism, and exchange of ideas, culture, and diplomacy. My own work is focused on the material culture of empire during Lafayette’s tour of the United States in 1824-1825. If interested in participating, please email me a quick overview of your paper. Thanks!



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