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Forwarded from Rick Spees:

Dear Board members, center directors and others,

CfP: Empires: Towards a Global History

Your network editor has reposted this from H-Announce. The byline reflects the original authorship.

Empires: Towards a Global History

The proposed conference is premised on the idea that empires drew their strength from a global systemic architecture of hegemony and dominance.  The objective of the conference is designed to emphasize how imperial interactions served to r

Reflections on the AAS Conference in Toronto, March 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share my reflections on the AAS Toronto Conference, which I recently posted on my newly renovated website (see the link below). I hope that the organizers also might find the feedback useful in some way. It was a fantastic experience re-connecting with the AAS conference and with fellow Asian Studies colleagues who I hadn't seen in so many years.

CFP: Paradigms of Change in Modernizing Asia and America-Ghent University, Belgium, October 13, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Together with the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Ghent University is organising a conference entitled "Paradigms of Change in Modernising Asia and America". The event will take place in Ghent, Belgium on October 13, 2017.  

The conference aims at a collective reflection on the development of a new vocabulary of change outside of Europe between the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, in connection with the process of modernisation.

QUERY> Sanskrit Names in the Puṇyabala Avadāna

I'm working on a translation of the Puṇyabala Avadāna and have come across some names for which I can't find reliable Sanskrit equivalents. I've done tentative reconstructions using Negi's dictionary and other sources, but if anyone has more certain equivalents, I'd appreciate hearing them. The names are:


Gsal stobs (Dyūtibala? Prakāśabala? Prabhābala?)

’Byor ba mchog (Vibhavottama?)

Snang byed (Varchas?)


And is there a Sanskrit version of this text?


Thanks in advance,


John Powers

Re: H-Buddhism: QUERY> Pagpa and Kubilai Khan

Dear Joseph,

Earliest indication of Pagpa's conferral of Hevajra Tantra to Qubilai appear among Pagpa's own collected works (Sa skya bka' 'bum). There is no explicit mention of him conferring the initiation to Qubilai but among the teachings that Pagpa exclusively composed for Qubilai including Path of the Third Empowerment (Dbang gsum pa’i lam) are teachings that must be preceded by Hevajra initiation according to Sakya tradition.


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