Call for Applications: Dutch language-course in May-June 2019 at Columbia University for Graduate Students (tuition free)

Applications are invited for a month-long course in modern Dutch, early modern Dutch/paleography, and archival research in Amsterdam/The Hague*, each section of which can be taken separately. The course is free-of-charge.

CfApplications: 2019 Penn State Global Asias Summer Institute “Digital Asias” (3-7 June 2019)

2019 Penn State Global Asias Summer Institute “Digital Asias”

Penn State University invites applicants for its annual Global Asias Summer Institute, to be held June 3-7, 2019. This year’s Institute, co-directed by Joseph Jonghyun Jeon (UC-Irvine) and Jonathan E. Abel (Penn State), focuses on the topic of “Digital Asias.”

CONF International Symposium: Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom (14-15 December 2018)

The islands between China and Japan have long been embroiled in a sea of multiple identities, lasting into the present. A few of these islands, an archipelago that was called, at various points in time, the Loochoo Islands, the Ryūkyū Kingdom, and recently Okinawa, have been enmeshed in a complex mix of multiple identities throughout their history, resulting in a complex and controversial understanding of their arts and culture.

Member book, Blackburn, 'The History Wars' (2018)

This is a novel based on two key elements in the current debate about history and rewriting of history in India.  The first is the continuing controversy over the undeciphered Indus script; the second is the demolition of the Babri mosque in 1992.  The novel tells the story of Ravi, an Indian journalist who begins to look into government complicity in the destruction of the mosque.  In Delhi, he meets Peggy, an American researcher in ancient Indian archaeology, who stumbles across a possible bilingual Indus valley seal (a possible Rosetta stone).  Together, they get caught up in deceit and

Position, Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in History of Macao, University of Macau

For details, see

University of Macau, History
Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in History of Macao

The Department of History of the Faculty of Social Sciences invites applications for Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in History, with a specialization in the History of Macao.

Posting Date:     12/04/2018
Closing Date     08/29/2019


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