Graduate Student Workshops on Cross-Cultural Communication Via Social Media

Bridging the Pacific: Cross-Cultural Communication via Social Media
Academic and professional development opportunity for graduate students 
sponsored by the University of San Francisco Center for Asia Pacific Studies

A 3-part graduate level workshop series designed to hone students’ cross-cultural communication skills.


24 February Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka U.: Normative power and parliamentarians - the Diet of Japan as a case (Silja Keva)

Dear Colleagues:

We have the honor to have Silja Keva at Osaka University for a month in February 2018. This is a professional
seminar where Silja keva will present her cutting-edge research outcome.
presentation: 20 minutes
discussion:    40 minutes

Her seminar paper will be available for participants only and they are expected to read the seminar paper before the seminar.
I will deliver her seminar paper as soon as I receive it (one week prior to the seminar).

New Working Paper, "The Emerging Security Architecture in the Africa-Indo and the Asia-Pacific"

Earlier today, I published a working paper on the emerging security architecture between Australia, France, India, Japan, and the United States in the Indo-Pacific Region:

The Role of Neutrality in the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War

In the latest of a series of blog articles based on papers delivered at the annual conference of the Second World War Research Group in June 2017, Pascal Lottaz of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo explores 'The Role of Neutrality in the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War.' You can read the post here:-

Call for manuscripts: Kyushu University Border Studies' online paper series

Kyushu University Border Studies (KUBS) is an inter-disciplinary research unit that is a part of the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies of Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan). Please look at our website for further information.

Syllabi and essays on Pacific empires

In the December 2016 issue of the journal Amerasia, a group of scholars published short think pieces under the title Pacific Empires Working Group Forum. The contributors were: Eiichiro Azuma (Penn), Katherine Benton-Cohen (Georgetown), David Chang (Minnesota), Takashi Fujitani (Toronto), Paul Kramer (Vanderbilt), Jordan Sand (Georgetown), and Jun Uchida (Stanford). The journal has now posted syllabi from five members of the group on line.

ISSF Policy Series: Donald Trump: The View from the Asia-Pacific. Loose Nukes and Loose Cannons

H-Diplo | ISSF POLICY Series
America and the World—2017 and Beyond

Donald Trump: The View from the Asia-Pacific. Loose Nukes and Loose Cannons
Essay by Priscilla Roberts, City University of Macau

Published on 29 June 2017 |

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