ANN: Program for Jewish Educators and Activists 2022-2023 - Paideia the European Institute for Jewish Studies

Paideia the European Institute for Jewish Studies has opened the recruitment process for an intense One-Year Jewish Studies Program and is looking for educators, activists and future leaders interested to 

Zoom conversation on Debra Kaplan's new book, The Patrons and Their Poor, with Debra Kaplan and Francesca Bregoli

Join us for a conversation with Debra Kaplan and Francesca Bregoli on Debra Kaplan's new book, The Patrons and Their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany (Penn Press, 2020).
Sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY

CFP: IMC 2017 Otherness

IMC 2017 Otherness (3-6 July 2017)

Hebrew & Jewish studies / Jewish-Christian and Jewish-muslim relations strand: Looking for sessions

Reassessing The State Of Research:  The Jew As “Other”

Research over the last 50 years has often described the figure of the Jew as the quintessential ‘Other’ in the Middle Ages. However, as recent scholarship has emphasised the peaceful interactions of Jews and Christians in daily life and business, it might be appropriate to assess critically these contrasting directions of research.

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