Re: ASEEES Roundtable

Thank you so much for reaching out. I received several emails since posting the call for roundtable participants and we have reached the maximum number of participants allowed by ASEEES. Hopefully you will attend the roundtable and we can have a wide-ranging discussion on these topics. Thank you again. Lynne

Re: ASEEES Roundtable

I would be interested in participating; I have been teaching Russian history since 1995 and can certainly comment on the ways in which the changing politics of both countries have shaped student and community interest in Russian studies. My name is Elaine MacKinnon and I teach at the University of West Georgia. My Ph.D. is in Modern European History from Emory University.

CfP: ASEEES: Propaganda and unconventional, transatlantic communication in the Cold War (due Feb. 15!)

CfP – ASEEES: Personal Communication and Propaganda during the Cold War

With the application deadline for ASEEES looming (Feb 15), we are looking for a third paper to round-out our panel. Our talks touch on issues related to propaganda and personal communication, the multivalent nature of propaganda for its varied audiences, both across and within Cold-War divides, the differences between civic- and state-run initiatives, and the legal and diplomatic frameworks in which propagandists negotiated their campaigns of persuasion.

ASEEES Roundtable

I am thinking about putting together a roundtable for the fall 2019 ASEEES Conference on "Teaching Russian Studies in the Era of Putin... and Trump."  If you have any interest in taking part in such a panel, please message me.

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, February 15.

Lynne Hartnett, Associate Professor of History, Villanova University

Call for proposals for SHERA-sponsored panel at ASEEES 2019 (Deadline February 1, 2019)

The SHERA Board invites proposals for the Society’s sponsored panel at the 2019 ASEEES Annual Conference. The conference will be held in San Francisco from November 23 to 26, 2019 and the theme is "Belief." More information on the convention theme can be found here

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