Call for Papers for Africa Knowledge Project Journals

Preservation of Indigenous West African Cultures and Knowledge through Toponyms, Symbols and Artefacts
Guest edited by Dr. Yaw Owusu-Agyeman

The history, traditions, and cultures of different ethnic groups in West Africa are deeply rooted in naming practices that serve to safeguard the values and heritage of these diverse groups. The colonization of Africa however altered the traditional values and cultures that defined these naming practices.

A Call for New Jersey Clocks

Morven Museum & Garden in Princeton, NJ is researching an exhibition (planned for 2023) on early tall case clocks made in New Jersey.  Morven is interested to know of any tall case clocks made in the state during the 18th and early-19th century as well as any artifacts and ephemera related to NJ clockmakers. 

Please contact Elizabeth Allan, Deputy Director & Curator at or by phone at (609) 924-8144 ext. 102.

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