A Nuclear China[1]

Foward, as research material and historical reference concerned with nuclear weapons developments in Asia, 1970, as China sought to become a nuclear Nation. Historically, this short article appears in  Survival, Journal of Institute for Strategic Studies, July 1970; London, U.K. A. Doak Barnett authored the article originally for Council on Foreign Relations, N.Y. where it appeared, April 1970. It is entitled China and Arms Control.

Moderating: “Weaponizing American Territory”, seminar by Mary X. Mitchell, April 25, Paris (Sciences Po)

Dear all, 

On April 25, the Chair for Security Studies at the Centre for International Relations (CERI), Sciences Po Paris, led by Prof. Benoît Pélopidas, has the pleasure to host a seminar by Dr Mary X. Mitchell (Cornell University, USA), on “Weaponizing American Territory”. Please notice registration to attend the event is mandatory (mail to: roberto.cantoni@sciencespo.fr).

Place and time: CERI - 56, rue Jacob - 75005 Paris - 'Salle du Conseil' (4th floor), 5 to 7 pm.


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