National Security Archive: The "Patriarchs of Nonproliferation"

Oral History Series Spotlights Russian Arms Control Negotiations

Washington, D.C., February 23, 2023 – A few days after President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would suspend its observation of START, the only U.S.-Russia arms control agreement still in effect, a new series of oral history interviews with veteran Russian arms control negotiators and nuclear experts provides valuable insights into decades of U.S.-Russian nonproliferation efforts and emphasizes the importance of strategic dialogue between nuclear powers.

National Security Archive: The First Months of U.S. Relations with the New Russia, 1992

Russian President Proposed Far-Reaching Nuclear Reductions, Bush Not So Sure

U.S. ambassador on Yeltsin: Russians "want a tsar with a common touch”

Russian leaders sensitive to Ukrainian concerns but saw Ukraine as the "main destabilizing factor"

By Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton

H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable 13-9 on Arms Control for the Third Nuclear Age: Between Disarmament and Armageddon

H-Diplo | ISSF Roundtable 13-9

David A. Cooper.  Arms Control for the Third Nuclear Age: Between Disarmament and Armageddon.  Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2021.  ISBN:  9781647121303 (hardcover, $110.96); 9781647121310 (paperback, $36.95).

The National Security Archive: Strategic Stability and Instability during the Middle Years of the Cold War

"What an Insane Road We Are Both Following": Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, June 1967

Neither Superpower Wanted to be in an “Inferior” Position and Both Sought Strategic Advantage

Re: December 2020 Handgrenade

Would suggest it depends as much on how this matter was handled as it does upon the actual event and substance of such an international conference to produce arms control and disarmament agreement. Ratios such as used I 1921 may or not be some sort of model.
Issue of recognitions poses more problematic consideration but so do bi-lateral agreements.

Re: December 2020 Handgrenade

Thanks Lewis for the discussion of KMT China, much new scholarship out and books like Rich Frank's Tower of Skulls take advantage of that new revisionist scholarship on Chiang and the KMT/GMD.
Any bibliographies welcome, think you have my CGSC email address, or you could go with the commercial one,

And I heartily agree that a round turn on the current arms races by all concerned is worth a shot.

best, John

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