BLOG: Lions and Tigers and Dusty Boxes, Oh My! Exploring an Untouched Archive at the Buenos Aires Ecoparque by Ashley Kerr

Research Corner

Attention! Summer is coming! Before you head off to undertake fabulous research trips, would you be willing to commit to writing a blog post or two when you return? Our readers and I would love to learn from your trials and errors in physical archives and libraries. Or perhaps you’ll be engaging in research from the comfort of your own home? We’d be grateful to hear how you accomplished this. Perhaps you’re an archivist, looking to attract more patrons?

BLOG: Navigating the Mariano Moreno National Library (Argentina) by Ashley Kerr

Research Corner

Neter@s: the school year is almost over! Do you have summer research plans? Are you willing to write a blog post or two for the good of the community? If so, please contact Gretchen Pierce at or by filling out this Google Form. I'm looking for new posts for the summer months.

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