H-Diplo FRUS Review 32 of Alexander Wieland, ed. Foreign Relations of the United States, 1981-1988 Volume XIII, Conflict in the South Atlantic, 1981-1984



FRUS Review No. 32
Published 12 October 2017

H-Diplo FRUS Review Editors: Thomas Maddux and Diane Labrosse
Web and Production Editor:  George Fujii

graduate student needs help with Buenos Aires court records

I'm currently in Buenos Aires trying to locate trial transcripts from a 1930 criminal court case as part of my dissertation project about the ties between Jewish prostitution and the Argentine Yiddish theatres. I'm struggling to navigate the Argentine court system and am looking to consult with someone with experience in this arena.

TOC: The Americas 74:3 (July, 2017)

TOC:  The Americas 74:3 (July, 2017)


CLAH Luncheon Address:

Mary Kay Vaughn, “Forging a Gender Path in Modern Mexican History,” pp. 255-66.


Jesse Cromwell, “Illicit Ideologies: Moral Economies of Venezuelan Smuggling and Autonomy in the Rebellion of Juan Francisco de León, 1749-1751,” pp. 267-97.


Jonathan D. Ablard, “’The barracks receives spoiled children and returns men’: Debating Military Service, Masculinity, and Nation-Building in Argentina, 1901-1930,” pp. 299-329.


ANN: La trinchera austral. La sociedad argentina ante la Primera Guerra Mundial, por María Inés Tato

Habitualmente soslayada por la historiografía argentina, la Primera Guerra Mundial tuvo sin embargo un fuerte impacto sobre sus contemporáneos locales: colocó a la política exterior en la agenda de discusión; polarizó a la sociedad, estimuló la movilización de la ciudadanía y dio nuevos bríos a los debates en torno a la identidad nacional.


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