BLOG: Research in the Archives of Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia: Part I, State Archaeology in the Archivo Técnico by Sam Holley-Kline

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Today we return to looking at physical research repositories in a single country; in this case, Mexico. If you are also interested in writing a post(s) on the challenges and joys of doing research on Latin America and the Caribbean, please click here.

Re: Seeking information: Archive & Library of Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

I am currently working on a project for establishing a french speaking sexological archive center in Geneva and I am survey potential donors to know their opinions about the subject.
I am not looking to acquire Te's archives but I would be happy to have a conversation with about issues issues you met and gave in this process. This would be very helpful for me and for my task.
I can set up a Zoom meeting at a time which would be convenient for you.
Best +++
Alain Giami

Re: Seeking information: Archive & Library of Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Hello All ~

I inherited this vast library upon Ted’s death. All of what Marty stated above is accurate. It is as remarkable, unique and large as all the rumors state. I’m currently in the process of organizing and cataloging it all. When done I’ll be deciding where the best home is for it all.

Thank you all for the inquiry.

~ Laurie Bennett-Cook

CFP: Soliciting Co-Panelists for "Crime in the Archives" Middle East Studies Association Panel (Monreal, 28-31 October 2021)

Dear All,

I'm working with a colleague to organize a panel for the 2021 Middle East Studies Association meeting. We're interested in crime (real and imagined) as a lens through which to view disruptions to dominant social, economic, and political orders, including as an opportunity to think about challenges to and tensions within imperial and colonial regimes in the Middle East, Islamic or European. Please see the brief description/call for abstracts below, and please feel free to share with any who might be interested!

-Alex Winder (Brown University)


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