ANNC: Workshop - Arabic for Gender: Practical Views on Gendered Language in Human Rights, Education, and Policy Contexts (London, Dec 2019)

Gender and its representation in language are of paramount current importance. This is also true for Arabic at a time of globally changing norms on violence against women and against LGBTQ people.

2020 U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Application Now Open

We are pleased to announce that the application for the 2020 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is now open!  We welcome your students to apply now to learn a critical foreign language next summer on a fully-funded study abroad program.


Re: Searching for article on Islam in slave era USA

I have Austin book. I'm looking for an article he referenced in it. Louis Harlan, "The Prince: The Biography of a Slave" (mostly a condensation of Sydnor) , and B. Marie Perinbam, "Abd al-Rahman: A Critical Note," in Job Ben Solomon and Abd al-Rahman: The Stories of Two Men in Slavery (Washington, D.C. American Historical Society, 1970).

Re: Searching for article on Islam in slave era USA

Dear Muhammad and Lasana,

I don't know if this will be helpful, but you can find full text publications of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima, Omar ibn Said, and other African Muslim slave narratives at the UNC collection "Documenting the American South" (link below). You may also be interested in my article on three African Muslim "conversion narratives" in A/B: Auto/Biography Studies. Contact me at if you would like a copy.

Re: Searching for article on Islam in slave era USA

Peace. You may wish to try your/a university library. Upon a searching my university's online stacks, I was able to locate a copy of the Austin's work (i.e, the 759p. Sourcebook). In fact, it's available at several libraries in the system. If you're affiliated with a university, you may wish to pursue interlibrary loan.

Other than that, I checked and a few other rare book dealer sites, but could not find the book.

I hope this is helpful.


L. Kazembe

Searching for article on Islam in slave era USA

I've been looking for this for a while and have had no luck online. Have you ever seen it? I would like the whole book if it can be located. Its mentioned in Allan Austin's African Muslims Antebellum America: A Sourcebook. At least a dozen authors mention it later without ever seeing it. I tried to email Allan Austin, but he hasn't responded to my emails or those from other scholars in over a year. I also contacted the American Historical Society and they suggested I post here.


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