Japan's Anti-Tomahawk Movement: Article Wanted

While stationed in Japan, I am having difficulties locating the following article: Junko Yamaka, "Japan's Anti-Tomahawk Movement," Freeze Focus 4 (November 1984).

I am presently working on an English language edition of a collection of antinuclear (arms and plants) manga by cartoonist Katsumata Susumu from the late 1970s to 90s. Tomahawks come up a few times in the 80s alongside SDI, radwaste ocean dumping, and nuclear subs in Japanese waters. I have access to related articles in AMPO, but my university is unable to obtain the Freeze Focus essay above.

Call for Submissions: Anthology of World Peace since 1750

This is a call for contributions for an anthology tentatively entitled A History of World Peace since 1750. While recent works by Lawrence Wittner, Peter Stearns, and David Cortright (among others) have added much to the diverse field of peace studies, there is a growing interest in new examinations of peace as a global phenomenon. Already, numerous scholars from diverse academic disciplines have agreed to contribute to this collection.

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