Web: review of Hubert Villeneuve's Teaching Anticommunism: Fred Schwarz and American Postwar Conservatism

Hubert Villeneuve, Teaching Anticommunism: Fred Schwarz and American Postwar Conservatism. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020. 461 pp. Reviewed by Harvey Klehr

Journal of Cold War Studies (2022) 24 (1): 252–254.


Call for Panelists: AskHistorians 2021 Digital Conference- Mid-20th Century US Education

I am putting together a panel for the Askhistorians 2021 Digital Conference: [Deleted] & Missing History. The topic is mid-20th Century US education related to NYC, race, communist teachers, anticommunism, or a mix of these. The conference takes place October 19-21 but will be recorded prior to those dates.


Re: Weigel on Strivers and Carter, 'The City Becomes a Symbol: The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Berlin, 1945-1949'

Couple of points about this Review and its observations:

First, the question of war or peace, which governed all considerations for the Allies. US would have kept the airlift up for as long as it required to back the Sovs down. Clay may or may not have assessed the Sovs willingness to engage in WW II at the time, but he was quite accurate in being willing to face it and the consequences.

The Art of the Review - Episode 12 The Long Review


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We start out the new year with a long interview with H-Socialisms review editor Dr. Gary Roth and reviewer Dr. Robert Barsky about Bob's review of The Open Mind: Cold War Politics and the Sciences of Human Nature by Jaime Nace Cohen-Cole. When Bob was working on his review last spring, he found that the "open mind" program that Cohen-Cole describes in his book, a program that "promoted to address the threat posed by Communism and ...

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