Three New Soyuz Pieces on Anthropology News: Romanian Mobilities: Vehicles of Migration in New Europe

Soyuz has three, count 'em three new pieces up on Anthropology News, all surrounding the theme of "Romanian Mobilities: Vehicles of Migration in New Europe." Check out Andrey Vozyanov's "Relics of the Future: The Sociotechnical Functions of Secondhand Trams in Romanian Cities"; Anatolie Coșciug's "Transnational Motorways: The Secondhand Car Trade in a Country of Migration"; and Elena Popa's "Fellow Passengers: Roma and Romanian Migrants in France." Find Andrey's piece from the Anthropology News homepage (links to the other pieces are in the article), or the w

Soyuz in "Anthropology News": New Pieces by Our Scholars + Call For Submissions

I'm writing to alert you to two new pieces in Anthropology News written by Soyuz scholars.  Tamar Shirinian (Duke University) has a timely contribution on protests that surrounded Armenia's recent constitutional referendum.  "Saying 'No!': Negation as Future Making" is available online for the next six weeks, and will be archived in AnthroSource thereafter.  The next print edition of Anthropology N

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