The Oxford Handbook on Disability History (eds. Rembis, Kudlick, Nielsen)

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The H-Disability team has opted to place the monthly list of new publications on hold for June and July; circulation will resume on Sept. 1. The publication of The Oxford Handbook of Disability History, however, may be of interest while thinking toward fall syllabi. The contents are below, with congratulations to the editors and contributors.

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The Oxford Handbook of Disability History 

Michael Rembis, Catherine J. Kudlick, and Kim Nielsen, eds.  


Query: Primary Sources for LGBTQ Jewish History

I am compiling an anthology of primary sources for LGBTQ Jewish history, to be published in late 2018. The book includes over a hundred texts from Jewish communities around the world, from the time of the Talmud until 1969, aimed at both academics and a general educated audience. Many of the sources have never been published in English; I am looking for scholars to assist in translation (with modest compensation) for German, Dutch, Italian, and French.


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