EVENT: Extraordinary Worlds: Talking with novelist and screenwriter Adam Mansbach

On November 3rd, 2pm, at Marcus Hall 431. The Department of Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University  is pleased to announce our first in person event in 2 years. Please join us for the inaugural lecture of the "Jewish Writer in the World."  This first event, "Extraordinary Worlds: Talking with Adam Mansbach" will feature Mansbach in conversation with students and faculty about the themes of Jews, race, hip hop and satire in American culture. Come spend the afternoon with us either in person or on zoom. 

Guatemala Police Archive under Threat

Washington, D.C., August 13, 2018—Guatemala’s renowned Historical Archive of the National Police (AHPN) is in crisis after its director Gustavo Meoño Brenner was abruptly removed in one of a series of recent actions orchestrated by the Guatemalan government and a United Nations office. The actions also placed the AHPN’s remaining staff of more than fifty people on temporary contract, and transferred oversight for the repository from the country’s national archives, where it had functioned since 2009, to the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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