CfP The Lefts and Nationalisms - ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Prague, 25-28 May 2021

At a time of resurgent minority nationalism in some European regions, many of them clearly leaning towards the left, and when radical right and populist parties are successfully attracting working-class support on the basis of welfare chauvinist proposals that pit natives against immigrants and globalisation in defence of the ‘national welfare state’, the study of the (often-troubled) relationship between the Left and the national issue acquires renewed relevance for both academic and practical purposes. 

New Book: Nadine Willems on Transnational Anarchism in Early Twentieth-Century Japan


I would like to alert members to the publication of my book, Ishikawa Sanshirō’s Geographical Imagination: Transnational Anarchism and the Reconfiguration of Everyday Life in Early Twentieth-Century Japan, published in September 2020 by Leiden University Press in the "Critical, Connected Histories" series.  291p. ISBN: 9789087283438


Bekken on Jones, 'Goddess of Anarchy: The Life and Times of Lucy Parsons, American Radical' [review]

Jacqueline Jones. Goddess of Anarchy: The Life and Times of Lucy Parsons, American Radical. New York: Basic Books, 2017. 480 pp. $32.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-465-07899-8.

Reviewed by Jon Bekken (Albright College) Published on H-Socialisms (January, 2020) Commissioned by Gary Roth (Rutgers University - Newark)

Printable Version:

Shapiro on Jun, 'Proletarian Days: A Hippolyte Havel Reader'

Shapiro on Jun, 'Proletarian Days: A Hippolyte Havel Reader'
Nathan Jun, ed.  Proletarian Days: A Hippolyte Havel Reader.  Chico  
AK Press, 2018.  450 pp.  $24.00 (paper), ISBN 978-1-84935-328-1.

Reviewed by Shelby Shapiro (Independent Scholar)
Published on H-Socialisms (June, 2019)
Commissioned by Gary Roth

Hippolyte Havel

Hippolyte Havel, the anarchist publicist and activist, was born in 
1869, in what was then Bohemia, and died in New Jersey in 1950. 
Converted to anarchism in Vienna as a student before emigrating to 

ANN: New Book in Contemporary Anarchist Studies "Anarchism and Eugenics"

Dear colleagues, 

On behalf of the Series Editors, I am very pleased to announce the publication of the 14th monograph in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies book series, Richard Cleminson's *Anarchism and eugenics: An unlikely convergence, 1890-1940*. The book description follows:

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