Water Month podcasts

Dear all,

Minnesota Public Radio has lately done some extensive reporting on water in the US Midwest. In fact, they've done what they have called "Water Month." I regert I didn't get around to posting abou it here until today, as the month ends today. But they have put together a pretty extensive web resource full of podcasts of in-depth reporting and interviews on the high cost of clean water in the US. You check it all out here: http://www.mprnews.org/topic/water.

Patrick Cox,

Vice President, H-net

Theses and Dissertations in Progress

The editors of H-Midwest seek to develop and maintain a list of theses and dissertations in progress about the Midwest.  We would also welcome information on non-thesis applied projects being developed by graduate students in museum studies, public history, digital humanities, etc.  We are interested in graduate research focused on the Midwest region as a whole, comparative studies, and research concentrating on Midwestern sub-regions (Great Lakes, Great Plains, et al), states, or localities.

Call for Panel Participants, "Muslim Migrant Communities in the American Midwest," for Midwest World History Association 2016 Conference

CALL FOR CONFERENCE PANELISTS: Seeking Advance Graduate or Faculty Panelists to Submit Papers on the Topic of "Muslim Migrant Communities in the 20th Century American Midwest" for Midwest World History Association (MWWHA) 2016 Conference to be held September 23 and 24 at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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