Sudden Supper

The photograph shows two pages from the Who Says We Can't Cook! cookbook (Washington, D.C.: Women's National Press Club, 1955). On the left-hand side, Press Relations manager Beth Campbell Short explains how to prepare a full meal of "sauted calves (or beef) liver, Noodles Alfredo, tiny peas, hot or iced tea, lettuce and tomato salad, and peach cobbler" in just 15 minutes. The peaches are canned but the dough is made fresh, and the cobbler is taken out of the oven to cool halfway through the meal. On the right-hand side, Executive Secretary of the WNPC Leona K.

Who Says We Can't Cook!

Image of the cover for the cookbook Who Says We Can't Cook!, published by the Women's National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in 1955. Title in black capital letters superimposed over an old-fashioned, pink brick stove and chimney and surrounded by a pastel border of foods and dishes. Photograph courtesy Kimberly Voss.

Mother Left Home

Photograph of page 38 of the spiral-bound cookbook Who Says We Can't Cook! (Washington, DC: Women's National Press Club, 1955). Henrietta Poynter, Editor at Congressional Quarterly, talks about learning to cook as a teenager while her mother traveled to campaign for women's suffrage. She offers recipes for Heavenly Hamburger and Cheese Wafers, "quickies that can be made between deadline time and when the guests arrive." At the bottom of the page is a line drawing of a young woman kneading dough on a table. Image courtesy Kimberly Voss.


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