Southern Jewish Historical Society: Grant

The Southern Jewish Historical Society is now accepting grant applications for the coming year. The SJHS offers support for project completion, research and travel, and preservation of archival materials relating to the history of Jews in the U.S. South. The application deadline is July 13, 2018.

For more information, see the Southern Jewish Historical Society website (

ISO Panelist for Roundtable at AAR on Catholic University Memorialization Practices

One of the participants for the 2018 AAR roundtable (Roman Catholic Studies Group, Saturday, November 17th, 1pm, Denver, Colorado) described below has had to drop out. We are seeking a replacement, perhaps someone covering Latinx histories, sex abuse legacies, indigenous land issues. Other ideas are welcome. This does not need to be the participant's primary area of research, but the participant should be working at or studying a Catholic university and be able to contribute to the discussion based on knowledge of that university's practices/histories/controversies around memorialization.

Lunacy Inquisitions in Early American Literature?

Greetings Early Americanists,

For my dissertation I am studying lunacy trials in early America, particularly where landowners would be deemed insane and have their possessions assigned to a guardian or committee, usually in Chancery Court. I am also interested in cases where the reason for insanity was deemed to to be excessive drinking or intemperance. Do you know of any references to such trials in early American fictional literature?


David Korostyshevsky


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