Hazards of Civil War: Eastern Kentucky and Mail Services

It only became available thru research of a personal[as well as professional] nature; below, from online source by its authoress in researching her family history, emerged this brief history. Probably, part of what were then minor or not too important events from the larger continental American Civil War, Eastern Kentucky experiences included this very brief history describing how Civil Wars and the American version from mid 19th Century life, affected communications, particularly Union mail services.

Past SCWH Presidents Will Hold Mock Interviews at the SHA 2017

Past SCWH presidents Caroline Janney (Purdue University) and James Marten (Marquette University) will hold mock interviews at the Southern Historical Association conference in Dallas for members of the Society of Civil War Historians who are on the academic job market in 2016-2017. 

Re: Mortenson on Beemer, '"My Greatest Quarrel with Fortune": Major General Lew Wallace in the West, 1861-1862'

If I recall correctly, Grant treated Wallace fairly after the Battle of the Monocacy, where Wallace's scratch force (which included many inexperienced troops) held off Jubal Early's larger army for most of a day before being forced to retreat. Wallace was briefly superseded by Maj. Gen. Ord, one of Grant's favorites, but reinstated when the circumstances were fully known. Also, years later former President Grant was favorably impressed by Wallace's famous novel, Ben-Hur, a Tale of the Christ, and supported his appointment to a high diplomatic post.

Re: I'm looking for a Civil War biography of a common man/woman for undergrads

The problem with a biography of a "common man or woman" is that the materials to support a full biography for such average folk rarely exist in any comprehensive or coherent form to support a full life story.  Instead, we have thousands of snippets, which is one reason why IMHO community studies or collective biographies offer something consistent for students to grasp and interpret.


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