Boston College Establishes Catholic Religious Archives Repository

Boston College has established a Catholic Religious Archives Repository to assist in the collection, preservation, and study of institutional records and documents belonging to Catholic religious orders and congregations in the United States and Canada. The repository will be part of the University’s library system, and will be guided by an advisory committee of archivists and faculty associated with Boston College.

St. Mary's Church, Newark NJ

For a history of St. Mary's Church, Newark, N.J., tentatively entitled "Neither Territorial nor National: An Urban Benedictine Parish Forges Its Own Path," I would appreciate any leads to archival material or reminiscences, references in books, photographs, etc., that would not easily be found by the usual searching methods. St. Mary's was founded in 1842 to serve the immigrant German population, and has been, since 1857, a monastery Church. Over the years it has served various ethnic populations, most recently west Africans. 

Call for Chapter Proposals: _American Patroness: National Shrines to Mary and the Making of US Catholicism_

Call for Chapter Proposals: American Patroness: National Shrines to Mary and the Making of US Catholicism

Editors: Karen Park, St. Norbert College and Katherine Dugan, Springfield College  


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