H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable 11-17 on Lanoszka. Atomic Assurance: The Alliance Politics of Nuclear Proliferation

H-Diplo | ISSF Roundtable XI-17

Alexander Lanoszka.  Atomic Assurance: The Alliance Politics of Nuclear Proliferation.  Ithaca:  Cornell University Press 2018.   ISBN:  9781501729188 (hardcover).

1 June 2020 | https://issforum.org/to/ir11-17
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PANEL SEARCH (OAH '16): Multiracial Coalitions and Urban Politics in Twentieth-Century America

I am organizing a panel for the 2016 Organization of American Historians annual meeting. This panel will examine multiracial/multiethnic coalitions and urban politics in twentieth-century America. The topic is purposely broad right now and could go in a number of different directions. I will be presenting a paper on Black-Latina/o relations and electoral politics in 1970s Oakland, California. If you are interested in joining this panel as a presenter, please email me directly at aaron.b.bae@gmail.com and we will proceed from there. Thank you.

Article Review 469- "'A Test of Sentiments': Civil Aviation, Alliance Politics, and the KLM Challenge in Dutch-American Relations"

H-Diplo Article Reviews
No. 469
Published on 2 July 2014

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