Re: Shannon, Turing, and switches

Just two trivial thoughts, that might or might not influence differences in ways of thinking about/conceiving the possibilities of digital switches - 1) leaving aside multipoint light switches, where you might have two or more switches operating the same light fitting in a domestic situation, British domestic light switches are, in general,"upside-down" to American switches i.e.

The Imitation Game and the Distortion of Turing's Legacy

Distortion of historical fact in films is common, even for films purporting to be historical in nature. The Imitiation Game, a biopic based on the life of Alan Turing, has been criticized for several distortions of Turing's life, but the most egregious has been singled out as the implication Turing shielded a Soviet spy during his time at Bletchley Park. The Guardian and the War is Boring blog go into detail.


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