The Art of the Review - Episode 18 Reviewing Digital History


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In this episode, Robert speaks with Seth Denbo, Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives at the American Historical Association, about the Guidelines on the Professional Evaluation of Digital Scholarship by Historians, released in June 2015.

Re: Where Historians Work (news) (comment)

As editor of H-Scholar, I have been reading the discussion on this topic with great interest. I hope that some of you will also take the time to share your view and experiences with the staff and membership of the AHA itself. We can't expect the association to change its approach unless our colleagues educate its members about the extent of the problem. My impression is that the AHA is very concerned about the state of the profession and its own membership and is more open to the views and concerns of non-tenured historians than it was in the past.

Margaret DeLacy

Re: Where Historians Work (news) (comment)

As a historian with a master's degree I find that I am often treated as a non-entity at professional conferences. I recently attended the Society for Historians of Foreign Relations, and I felt invisible because I don't have PhD in my name; even when I had more information about a topic than the so-called "expert." It is frustrating and degrading, not to mention incredibly un-collegiate. This has certainly left a very sour taste in my mouth, which is a shame as I feel I could add to historiography in my field, and, I could certainly learn from fellow scholars.


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