CFP: ACLA-Panel 2023: Sensing Migrant Romanticism, Chicago (31.10.2022)


In his influential study of Romanticism, M. H. Abrams famously claimed that radical aesthetic novelties “frequently turn out to be migrant ideas which, in their native intellectual habitat, were commonplaces.” This panel seeks to embrace such migrancy to go beyond the confines of European culture and periodization and even question the assumptions about originality, propriety, legitimacy, and imitation embedded in Abrams and later interpreters of Romanticism. 

New Book - The Stork Club Cook and Bar Book: Throw a Stork Club Party (Excelsior Editions)

Author: Billingsley, Sherman Title: The Stork Club Cook and Bar Book: Throw a Stork Club Party (Excelsior Editions) Publisher: Excelsior Editions Publication Date: 12/1/2022 ISBN: 9781438490946 Trade Paperback  ()

Announcing New Publication: Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new volume, Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean, with Indiana University Press.

Introduction: Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean, by Margaret S. Graves and Alex Dika Seggerman
Part I: Picturing Knowledge
1. Well-Worn Fashions: Repetition and Authenticity in Late Ottoman Costume Books, by Ünver Rüstem
2. Osman Hamdi and the Long Duration of History, by Gülru Çakmak

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