CFP: ACLA Seminar: Impassivity and Political Forms beyond the Active/Passive Divide

We are now accepting abstracts for papers on the topic of impassivity and its cultural forms, for a seminar at the annual ACLA meeting (Los Angeles, 3/29-4/1). We would like to invite interested researchers to join us in reconsidering the significance or potentials of emotional absence. The deadline for submissions is Sept 21.

CFP: Spinoza and Classical Marxism

Marxism and Spinozism have enjoyed a long if tangled – at times enigmatic – history, Marx himself inaugurating the connection when he transcribed large sections of Spinoza’s Theological-Political Treatise in his notebooks.  While the connection between Marx and Spinoza has persisted to the present, it has had to be forged anew with each generation, shifting in emphasis according to specific historical context.  If recent Marxist approaches to Spinoza have emphasized such commonalities as shared materialist reading practices or complementary ways to think about human and non-human c


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