CEU Press Announces Innovative Open Access Funding Model

"In line with international movements towards making academic content Open Access (OA), both for journals and books, and in keeping with our mission to disseminate quality scholarship widely, CEU Press is launching a new partnership programme with research libraries worldwide. The Opening the Future project is a membership scheme for libraries who can participate either from their OA funds or their acquisitions budgets."

Changed, Changed Utterly

Christopher Cox, Dean of Libraries at Clemson University, "predicts the significant ways academic libraries will shift in terms of collections, services, spaces and operations as a result of the pandemic":

" Changed, Changed Utterly" Inside Higher Ed, June 5, 2020, https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2020/06/05/academic-libraries-will-change-significant...

Research Library Digitization Has Found Its Moment

Roger Schonfeld,  Director of Ithaka S+R's Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums Program, writes:

"Academic libraries have been on the leading edge of universities’ digital transformation for two decades. As a result, they were prepared for this moment of crisis. The broader lesson here, not just for libraries but for the entire higher education sector, is to continue investing “just in case” in enabling capacities—rather than, in this time of looming cutbacks, budgeting narrowly for today’s immediate needs only."

Elders of the Internet video

Working with Imagination, a Chicago marketing firm, RAILS (a regional library system in Illinois) produced a short video entitled Elders of the Internet. The video, starring Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation, Making It, Good Omens, etc.), addresses why libraries are more important than ever in the age of the Internet. (Source: RAILS, Feb. 13. 2020)


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