Announcement - CAA panel of interest, “BANNED: Challenges to International Engagement in the Visual Arts in the Age of Trump"

From: Frederick Asher <>
Date: 3 February 2019
BANNED: Challenges to International Engagement in the Visual Arts in the Age of Trump (Offsite - The Museum of Modern Art)

Scholar proposes that predatory publishing pads professors profits and is pushed out (comment)

Courtesy of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, here is a link to an article about  Derek Pyne, an associate professor of economics at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada.  Pyne carried out an economic analysis of his colleagues' publication records and concluded that they benefited from publishing articles in "predatory" journals.  Soon thereafter, the university

New case of censorship of academic content in China (accepted by major publisher)

The Asian Studies Association of Australia has released a statement notifying its members that the academic journal it publishers, Asian Studies Review, has been excluded from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences subscription package that Taylor & Francis supplies in China.

RePosting: Scholarly Publishing's Last Stand

Friends:  This is a re-post of a message shared on H-HistBibl yesterday.

Discussion published by Dominique Daniel on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Samuel Cohen, an  associate professor of English at the University of Missouri, writes about the challenges of scholarly publishing in the Chronicle of Higher Education (April 22, 2018): "When university presses close, so do our minds."


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