Trump Administration considers open access order (comment)


Writing on February 10, 2020 in Slate magazine, Mark Neff  argues in an article entitled, "Trump Might Do Something Genuinely Good for Science: It has to do with the outrageous academic publishing market"  that the Trump administration's plan to require that all government-funded research be available through open access is a good idea.  His article includes a summary of the state of the open access debate.  Below is an excerpt and link::

Re: The American HIstorical Association discusses access to resources

Most of my work in history involved the well-being of American society and its members as part of economic, health, and safety regulation. Consequently, I suggest adding the words in brackets to the final sentence of the AHA statement.

These actions will enable every historian to fully realize their potential as scholars and contributors to our discipline, [and help ensure the economic, health, and safety well-being of our communities, our nation, and international relations.]

Re: The American HIstorical Association discusses access to resources

The AHA Council actually did approve a statement exactly along these lines early this month - so it now is official AHA policy. They will be publicizing this in the February issue of Perspectives magazine. But in the meantime, here is the link:

Becky Nicolaides

The American HIstorical Association discusses access to resources


The latest issue (January 10, 2020) of the newsletter of the American Historical Assocaition, Perspectives on History includes a discussion about access to research resources by Jim Grossman and Becky Nicolaides entitled "Research Access and Scholarly Equity."  Reiterating the findings of the survey the AHA carried out in 2017, which showed that the profession as a whole is handicapped when many of its members lack equitable access to scholarly materials, the discussion concludes with the following recommendations:

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