Re: Healy on Conor, 'Skin Deep: Settler Impressions of Aboriginal Women'

I love Conor's work but is there a problem with the way many writers in Aboriginal history elide the meaning and role of colonists by calling them settlers. Is the use of the simple word settler masking colonialism? The deliberate use of the soft word newcomer contrasts harshly with the word invasion and thus creates a confusing context. And context really is everything in history as it is the culture that informs the behaviours of historical agents.

re-post: Indigenous History Studies Group, CHA, Call for Book Prize

The Indigenous History Studies Group, an affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association (, is pleased to solicit submissions for the award for English or French language scholarly books with a publication date of 2017 in the area of Canadian Indigenous History (i.e.

4 maps uncovering Aboriginal history and culture

Anthony Wallace highlights 4 mapping projects that illustrate Australia's Aboriginal history:

"Australia can lay claim to the oldest living culture in the world and new maps are helping to spread awareness about these rich, ongoing traditions." These interactive maps document place names, massacres, historical sources, and languages.


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