Re: Query: Help with a Translation from Abravanel on Exodus

Yes, thank you for a concise,precise, and elegant explanation. (My apologies for not seeing the large passage on my first try.)

Assuming that you'd agree with the following simple, common translation:

טבע = nature

I got curious about the term (and concept) and went searching for it in the biblical and early rabbinic literature. To my guarded surprise, I could not find it there.

Re: Query: Help with a Translation from Abravanel on Exodus

I did skim through the entire section on "Abarbanel on Torah, Exodus 30:11" in Sefaria, and I could not find there the sentence you are inquiring about. Maybe I am looking/searching for it incorrectly on the site, but I wouldn't try to venture a translation of this particular sentence without first being able to studying carefully the entire context/paragraph in which it appears. Thank you.

Yuval Warshai

Seeking Critical Edition of Abarbanel's "Messianic Trilogy"

I am seeking a critical edition or modern printing of Isaac Abarbanel's "messianic trilogy," 

Ma'yanei ha-Yeshu'ah (מעייני הישועה)

Yeshu'ot Meshiho (ישועות משיחו)

Mashmi'a Yeshu'ah (משמיע ישועה)

I would be grateful for any publication information.

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