Syllabus for a History of Modern Poland

In case anyone is preparing a course on Polish history for next year, I thought it might be helpful to share the syllabus for my class on that topic. I'd be delighted to see how others organize their version of this survey, and it would be really helpful to get feedback about any aspect of my syllabus. Most of the primary source readings for the class are my own translations, and I'd be happy to share them -- just email me directly to request copies.

Looking for Soviet press reports on Polish government-in-exile

Good evening everybody,

Can anyone advise whether I can access wartime Soviet press reports and polemics directed against the Polish government-in-exile and the Anders Army? I am particularly interested in 1944. Can these sources be accessed online somehow?


Roman Vater

Cambridge University

CS: Poland in the Modern World [B. Porter-Szűcs, 2018]

If you want drama and tragedy, then you will certainly get plenty of that in this course. History 331 presents the story of Poland, a country that was restored to the map in 1918 after more than a century of foreign occupation, only to fall to a joint attack by Hitler and Stalin in 1939, endure five years at the very deepest circle of the Nazi hell, and then be “liberated” by a Soviet puppet government that ruled with an iron fist for four more decades. Through all this tribulation there were many attempts at liberation and reform, so this course will offer plenty of heroes.


Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena,
Prof. Dr. Joachim von Puttkamer, Dr. Michal Kopecek
14.06.2018-15.06.2018, Jena, Rosensäle, Fürstengraben 27, 07743 Jena

"The expression of truth is losing its ethical impact and becoming no
more than a historical fact that arouses interest but not enthusiasm.
And the experts are better informed and are able to quote facts more
accurately than the dissidents" wrote Jirina Siklová, a Czech dissident
sociologist, in January 1990. Already a few months earlier she had


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