Dr. Nancy Unger luncheon at the OAH

Dear H-SHGAPE Subscribers,

If you will be the OAH next week in Philadelphia, please take the chance to join SHGAPE vice-president, Nancy Unger, at a luncheon event on Saturday April 6, where she will give a presentation on Bob La Follette. The lunch is free, sponsored by Proquest. You will also receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Unger's book, Fighting Bob La Follette: The Righteous Reformer

OAH 2019 Lightning Round: Need 3 More Participants

SHGAPE is organizing a lightning round session on the Gilded Age and Progressive era. We are looking for 3 more graduate students or other emerging scholars to participate (there will be ten total). A lightning round is a 90 minute session meant to highlight emerging scholarship in a field. Each scholar has 5 minutes to give their “elevator pitch” of their research in quick succession and then the floor will be open for discussion, which a senior scholar will moderate.  Your research can be at any stage, as long as you can articulate it.

Seeking Participants for OAH 2019 Panel on Work and Environment in Resource Extraction Towns

We are seeking one to two panelists as well as a chair/commentator for a 2019 OAH panel examining the experiences of workers in company towns and resource extraction towns.  In keeping with this year’s conference theme of “The Work of Freedom,” this panel will explore what freedom meant to the employers and laborers in hinterland resource extraction communities.  How and why did employers attempt to limit workers’ freedoms in industrial communities?  How did employers’ desire to restrict working-class autonomy shape the built and physical environments of resource extraction communities?  Ho

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