Ann: (Online) Lecture Series "Balkan research" of the Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

18.00–19.30 UHR SEMINARRAUM ERDGESCHOSS APOSTELGASSE 23, 1030 WIEN and, worldwide as LIVESTREAM (access information will also be provided in good time):


28. OKTOBER 2020 Miroslav Šedivý | Pardubice Metternich, der griechische Freiheitskampf 1821–1832 und das Problem der Humanität

18. NOVEMBER 2020 Chavdar Kirilov | Sofia Konusch: Archäologie und Geschichte einer osmanischen Kleinstadt in Rumelien

Re: Bryullov sources query

Hi everyone,
Thanks for pointing out my essay on Briullov in the 'New Narratives of Russian and East European Art' volume! Karla - I am happy to share it with your student if they email me at I also have a chapter on Briullov in my book (which is coming out next week): 'Picturing Russia’s Men: Masculinity and Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Painting':

Re: Bryullov sources query

Hi Karla,

I'm not a specialist in 19th century Russian art, but I seem to remember that there was a substantial section on Briullov in Blakesley's Russian Canvas and Allison Leigh has a chapter on him in the recently published New Narratives of Russian and East European Art. Your student can probably follow the footnotes from there. And perhaps SHERA folks have other suggestions.

All best,


Bryullov sources query


I have an undergraduate student interested in doing her research paper on Bryullov, but she didn't find much on him in JSTOR. Is he a viable subject for an undergraduate art history major who does not know Russian (she does have some French)? If so, can people steer me toward some sources to suggest to her?

Since Russian and especially 19th century Russian, is not my area, I'm not really au courant on what you are all publishing but I know some of you are doing lots of wonderful work on this period in Russian art because I go to your presentations!

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