CFP: Germanistentag 2019 – Panel: "Szenen aus dem Coupé und Studien vor den Schienen: Raum-zeitliche Figurationen der Eisenbahn im 19. Jahrhundert", Saarbrücken (15.07.2018)

Kaum eine andere Erfindung hat die Gesellschaft des 19. Jahrhunderts in ihrer Erfahrung von Raum und Zeit so beeinflusst wie die Eisenbahn: „Maschinenherrschaft ist Zeitherrschaft“ (Hädecke 1993: 183). Die zunächst als Erschütterung der Zeit empfundene technische Neuerung wird schnell zu einer alltäglichen Erfahrung, wie beispielsweise Texte des Realismus und des Naturalismus zeigen (vgl. Mahr 1982; Heinimann 1992; Borscheid 2004).

Podcast: Forestry in northern Europe: National Histories, Shared Legacies

In Europe there is a long tradition of state-centered, management-intensive and science-based forestry. Many of these European forestry experiences and practices have been transported around the world, not in the least to the European Colonial Empires, but also to North America. In many parts of the world this European legacy is often equated with forestry based on 18th century German models. But this begs the question if there is a European forestry tradition.

Research Inquiry-- Moscow Discount Bank

My name is David Thomson and I'm a 19th century financial historian who recently came across the Moscow Discount Bank in the course of my research. A quick search did not seem to yield any archival sources or even a detailed secondary source. I'm hoping by reaching out to H-Russia that a scholar might have some suggestions. Thanks to all for any help they might be able to offer!



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