Re: Hand Grenade of the Month for July 2017

For right now, will again refer to posting about 1970s plans, new design for Navy-Marcorps LHA ships. There is considerably more which details may have to provide on this subject discussion of attrition v. maneuver. Would get into further little bit later than today but not right this moment. Suffice to point out, there are other materials which will bring forward on this discussed.

KONF: A Golden Age for Queer Sexual Politics? Lesbian and Gay Literature and Film in 1970s Germany, Berlin (20.-22.07.2017)

Historical accounts of the German 1970s lesbian and gay movement(s) often draw the picture of a legendary decade, a golden age for queer sexual politics and culture. This view is dependent not only on the historic facts themselves, but also – and significantly – on the way in which they are narrated in literature and film, both of the 1970s themselves and of our times. However, what exactly made the 1970s a “legendary decade”? What was its revolutionary potential and what were its path-breaking political and aesthetic strategies?

[Soviet]Russian Pilots, Air Force History Not New to Middle East

Soviet History as this single example from the Congressional Record, June 2, 1970[shown below] provides has served as predecessor to the present. Past history of last 40 plus years demonstrates not only US Govt. and US Congress concerns for

Re: [Soviet]Russian Pilots, Air Force History Not New to Middle East

Reference source for this item on 1970 Record, Middle East [Soviet] Russian Pilots involvement in middle east is found in Congressional Records, July, 1970.
The photo showing this source did not print out on Hwar posting and is therefore sent as a separate resource item for referral relating this material.


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