XPost Discussion: 12 Years A Slave

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XPost Discussion: 12 Years A Slave

Our colleagues at H-Afro-Am and H-Slavery have been offering commentary and links to blogs and columns about this award-winning film.  I have linked to a dynamic saved search that updates with any items tagged with the film's title.  You can bookmark it in your browser, save it in your MyHNet space, or occasionally return to H-SHEAR and click on its link in the right menu on the front page of our network.

Re: Some Reflections on 12 Years a Slave

I agree that the narrative 12 Years a Slave is troubling.  However, those aspects are part of the original text.  It seems that "Hollywood" could have done one of two things:  reproduce the text, with many of its problems intact, including viewing this through Solomon's eyes (which is what happened); or gone beyond the text to do more research or, worse, create something not real to what we know of Solomon's life.  I shudder at the latter; would hope for the more research, but that rarely happens.  

Re: Some reflections on 12 Years A Slave

As an opening reply, you raise the classical struggle concerning history on film: must the film adhere to the sources and evidence closely, or must it be "good theatre" as it were.  Full Disclosure: the film has just come out here (South Africa), and I have yet to see it.  Yet given that the Solomon narrative has been given a bit of the Hollywood treatment, there are certain conventions that would lead the account toward a particular direction, especially the need to emotionally tie things up, as Dr Fraser implies.


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