Sustainable constructions for libraries and museums in MENA region

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Preservation of Documentary Heritage Through Sustainable Construction of Buildings for Libraries, Archives and Museums in the MENA Region 

The IFLA Preservation And Conservation Regional Center at Qatar National Library is launching a new pluriannual program on “Preservation of Documentary Heritage Through Sustainable Construction of Buildings for Libraries, Archives and Museums in the MENA Region”.  The main idea is to take inspiration from traditional architecture and associated techniques in the region that were developed and applied for many centuries to respond to harsh climatic constraints to reach an acceptable level of comfort for their inhabitants.  
Documentary heritage could also benefit greatly from a similarly improved environment, especially where existing conditions are hostile, too hot, too humid or with too much sunlight. We will therefore investigate how those traditional solutions can be used today to address collections’ requirements in terms of sustainable preservation, providing fresher and drier internal spaces, etc.  
The first series of three webinars will focus on the presentation of all these traditional architectures and associated techniques, as applied from Morocco to Turkey, from Egypt to Qatar, and Iran. The second series will explore the possibilities for using and adapting these operational solutions in the rehabilitation of existing buildings in order to use them for libraries, archives and museums, and to keep the collections safe. The third series (in 2021) will investigate how to use and re-adapt these techniques in contemporary and creative design architecture to make sustainable modern buildings for heritage preservation. 
The first series of webinars will be delivered by Christophe Graz, a conservation architect and ICOMOS expert who specializes in traditional building rehabilitation in the MENA region. It will take place on 29 and 30 November and 1 December: 
It will be provided in English, with simultaneous translation into Arabic. 
In 2021, this program will continue with the publication of a technical report (in English and Arabic) and other associated actions (more webinars, e-conference, on-line tutorials). To join our mailing list, contact us at: Qatar National Library PAC Regional Center <qnlpac@QNL.QA>

Stephane IPERT

Director of Distinctive Collections QNL Qatar